jeudi 4 octobre 2007

Graphic West

Mon fond d'écran Django

En grand ici

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Hi Marc;

I got your comment on our blog SINEMATIK SPAGHETTI now. Turkish Westerns? Of course Olmek Var Donmek Yok is a good choice however you can taste;

Kucuk Kovboy (Guido Zurli)
Ceko( A complication of Texas Adio from legendary Tuskih director Cetin Inanc - Turkish Star Wars) Dag Kurdu ( Turkish Run Man Run) Batida Kan Var(Turkish Once Upon A Time in West)
Atini Seven Kovboy(Turkish Lucky Luke)
Tombraks Seytan Tirnagi(A complication of Bud & Terence's Trinity)


Marc-henry a dit…

Many Thanks for the titles! Some movies seems fantastic, I cant wait to see a Western from Cetin Inanc Turkish Star Wars director!
I will look for thoses movies. Keep on your blog is very good!

Best regards.